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And now, for something new...

ExodusIRC was born on August 15, 1999 as a result of the desire to have a good time. Our admins, IRCops and users have come together to form a new and unique IRC network dedicated to you, the IRC client.

Our services, ChanServ, NickServ and MemoServ, provide the security and reliability needed to make the IRC experience a good one for the seasoned users and "newbies" alike. In addition to our dependable servers and even more dependable server admins, ExodusIRC can lay claim to having some of the most knowledgeable, personable and helpful IRCops on the 'net.

If we build it, they will come...

No network politics, no power plays, no interference with personal agendas... that's ExodusIRC. No one person is more important than any other, which you will see as soon as you enter the network.

No clients were harmed during development...

The developement of ExodusIRC was done with the client in mind! Come see for yourself... To chat via java applet in #OffOurMeds, click here.

Thanks to jennyanydots for authoring this page!

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