ExodusIRC Policy

Adopted March 2002 by ExodusIRC Admin

After experiencing many ideas and forms of "IRC-govt", after watching servers being juped because the rules were too strong or losing server after server after server, and user after user because they were unhappy with the lack of rules.. all the while whining and using backdoor forums for discussion instead of open conversation. We have decided that what is needed is for everyone to know exactly where they stand when they come to ExodusIRC.

WarNPeace and damsel will be responsible for the creation of all rules, however we would appreciate and will listen to input from all users on the network.

Nobody will be unfairly removed from ExodusIRC, if you find yourself removed and/or banned, you'll know you deserved it. Permanent bans will not be the norm on ExodusIRC, everybody is entitled to a chance at being a good and decent user of this network.

At some point everybody WILL be killed especially if you hang around in our channel #offourmeds. Most often that kill will be a form of congratulations not punishment. If you have been a good IRC'r and find yourself killed for what appears to be "no reason", it's probably because you had a birthday, got a promotion or just plain did something GOOD.

We support the decisions of channel founders and will not interfere in his/her channel activities provided those activities are kept legal in nature. In most cases, you can do whatever you want in your OWN channel but venture into someone else's channel, act a fool and you will probably find yourself reconnecting.

Flooding people, servers, services, bots, attempting exploits or anything designed to cause harm or constant annoyance to anyone will result in your immediate removal.

Spamming of any type is frowned upon and will be dealt with appropriately.
©May 12, 2002